Slow computer, why?

Today I was asked for help to see a new computer that is slow and full of viruses. But why?

Viruses are malicious programs that enter the computer with the user's exclusive permission, that is, if you keep a computer still connected to the internet, viruses would hardly enter it, just like with servers (where there are no users operating it).

As soon as someone is using that machine, they can be much more exposed to vulnerabilities than before. This is due to the fact that there are many programs that deceive their users.

Who wants to install a virus on your computer? Surely you will say "no, never", but if it comes in the form of a "friendly little friend"?

What I mean is that if you have a computer and are looking for programs to download from download sites, the risk of acquiring viruses and other unwanted programs is enormous.

We are not even referring here to the software governed by the GPL, which generally have open source so that they can be analyzed, but in programs that generally add functionality to programs that already exist, such as programs that change the theme of your facebook page, or that at the time of MSN, they were exchanging various texts for emoticons on the user's screen.

Many of these programs are generally not just for the "fun" purpose, they carry a load of tasks from behind that the user doesn't realize.

How to have a more secure computer?

1. Always buy good software:

> Manufacturer's website
> Physical media, such as CD-ROM or DVD.
> Avoid pen-drivers and recordable / rewritable media.

2. Always try to have original software.

> Look for discounts in good stores to be more secure.
> Windows 8 Pro license costs on average R $ 250 and Office Student (enough for Word, Excel, Power-point) R $ 150.

3. Avoid downloading software as much as possible

> Doesn't your computer do that? Be content, rather your computer free and safe, fast and consistent, than a zombie from which you no longer respond to your commands.
> Look for alternative solutions, never if there is only one way to do what you need on the computer.

4. Look for online sites that do what you need without installing softwares

> I will go through a list below with recommended sites for each commonly desired item.

Many people can criticize me saying that I want companies to profit from licenses, but think about the following fact: Does anyone offer any good or product to someone for free, with nothing in return? No. So why do you insist on using programs to break the license?

Original software works better than cracked software, this is because they are operating with their legitimate programmed code, but from the moment it is cracked, other software is working together with this, both in terms of preventing you from losing your license as well as other purposes unknown.

Tip of having a fast computer

Have the software essentials on your machine, and that's it. How to do that video editing or download a video? Here is a list of online sites that do many software jobs without having to sacrifice your computer's performance with Trojan horse software:

Video and converters -> Used to download videos from Youtube and others. It has a new option that eliminates even the use of Java. -> A site for converting audio, video, images, documents, books, files, among many others. Practically one of the most complete to convert everything you need. -> Site that you create and edit online videos based on photos. It even has an Android app. It also offers 5 Gb online for free to store the videos. There are restrictions on exporting videos with respect to render time and size, which may be higher with a Premium account. -> Site that makes video editing as above, but accepts video too, see a video example: -> Record your desktop (or part of it) and make it available on video automatically on the website, and publish directly on Youtube (the website sends directly to your YouTube account). Requires Java to record your screen.

Audio -> Convert videos of different formats to audio. You can enter a URL from Youtube or another video site and bring the MP3 directly. -> Same as above, an additional alternative. -> Record MP3 audios, music recordings and make them available automatically online.


4 -> Online image editor. Maybe a replacement for Photoshop. -> Create panoramas in 360º or open angle. Join several sequences of images and the site creates automatically linking your photos.

File converters -> Icon file generator from JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc. It is used to create icons that can be used on websites (like favicon.ico) or to be used in shortcuts in computer software (if you are a programmer). -> Same as above, with only the ability to send the URL containing the desired image, and directly transform it into a ready icon. -> Compressor and decompressor for ZIP files. Requires Java.

Online radio -> Listen to online radio. You can choose from thousands of radios worldwide, and it has applications for iPhone and Android. Create an account and save your favorites, which are both on the site and on the cell phone for easy access.

Office -> Create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and edit online including in real-time collaboration with your friends by sharing editing permission. There is a chat to help build a job for those who are viewing the same document at the same time. -> Same as above, but more specific and offers more features like even a mobile application to continue editing documents with graphics, spreadsheets, presentations, file sharing, task manager and many others resources. -> Edit and create PDF documents online. -> Split or include PDF files. Limited to 80 Mb in the free version. -> Creates inserts, flayers, magazines, newspaper articles, and items commonly used in marketing campaigns. Let's say a replacement for Adobe's InDesign software. One of the great advantages is also the collaboration in real time with other users. -> Scans images of texts for plain text. Instead of retyping that work that has only been printed, scan this page, send it to the website and it will be transformed into text again.

Miscellaneous utilities -> Want to take a print-screen quickly and send it to someone? Just press your PrtScr key (printscreen on your keyboard) and inside the site type CTRL + V and that's it, the print was sent to the site, and has a link for sharing. If you want to copy part of a window, use ALT + PRTSCR and the active window will be copied to the website. It does not require Java, but it does require an updated browser. -> Send suspicious files to analyze online whether it contains viruses or not. The engine scans several types of anti-virus software at the same time and displays a report of what has been identified. -> FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client software for file transfer.

Do you have a comment or website that does the same thing as installed software? Leave your comment.

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