Web languages, which is the best?

Speaking of languages ​​for Web programming, we find several of which meet their specific peculiarities, from a simple Web server to a distributed system platform for parallel processing of requests working in a scalable scope.

A considerable website, with users, posts, comments, that is, interaction between users, needs a database, so when it comes to the Web, what else we should take into account is the type of database, its structure and its geo-location (if the site is on a server away from the database, access times can slow the site down).

Large sites currently make their programming in Java, as it is an "easy" language to be migrated to any platform, be it Windows or Linux, with the advantage of expanding the JVM (Java Virutal Machine or Java Virtual Machine) to several computers at the same time. Same time.

For an individual, the cost of a Web server to run pages in JSP (Java Server Pages) has a high cost, so it is recommended to choose a more widespread language such as PHP or ASP.

ASP has several versions, the most basic called ASP Classic, based on the VBScript and JScript language (not often used) and the new version called ASP .NET, which uses the development framework with a wide variety of components ready for be used, being able to work in several languages ​​like C # (C Sharp).

ASP Classic, although old, is simple, scarce of components but at the same time easy to be manipulated and managed because its code is derived from Basic, which despite being an interpreted language, is nonetheless quick compared to other languages. languages ​​that we currently have.

Contrary to what many say is not good to use old language, we see that professionals today who understand COBOL are highly valued in the market, as well as ASP Classic, which is supported even in the new Windows (IIS8 in Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 by Technet).

In forums over the internet, we find professionals asking about the "end" of ASP Classic, but the ASP module and VB6 applications continue to work, unlike programs made for .NET 1.0 or ASP.NET 1.0, of which no longer supported and should be migrated to the new standards.

PHP also has its life without crises, obviously working better on servers based on Unix Like systems, with the advantage of free software and managed by a community of developers who work so that it supports the most diverse types of applicability. We have several website managers who work in this language, the most popular say: "WordPress".

There are other languages ​​as well that are as fast and robust as these but found on a few servers (not just any "Locaweb" in life you will find at a good price), such as Perl and Python.

To get an idea of ​​how "good" Python is, Google uses it in several of its systems, including Google's hosting, Google App Engine, where it is allowed to host sites only in Java, Python and Go (a derivative of Python modified for Google infrastructure).


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