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We all know that anti-virus programs are known to use practically all the computational capacity of an operating system, making it too slow for any other activity.

This happens due to the process of checking line by line of everything that is loaded based on a virus search structure that does not always find a virus.

Before we know what a good anti-virus is, we have to know what a virus is.

Computer viruses are any programs that are intended to perform some activity that the user who owns the computer system is unaware of, that is, he does not know that the computer is being used for any purpose other than what he was thinking.

One of the easiest ways to detect whether your computer has a virus or not:

1. Close your internet browser, and applications that you know use the internet.
2. Check your network for network activity.
3. If there are, check for any programs by downloading updates.
4. If activity continues, try restarting the computer.
5. Without opening any programs (or if any open, try to close it), check if there is still network activity.

If after all this, you still use the internet, the chances of your computer having a virus that connects remotely is very high.

This is only a part of several types of viruses, since we have keyloggers, screenloggers, among others, but the most dangerous are those that steal data and expose it on the internet, which are precisely those that deliver bank passwords and other information to criminals on the internet (a programmer of a malicious system (virus) would not waste time in programming a program to lose control of it, don't you think?).

If your computer has no network activity, congratulations, you use the best anti-virus in the world: Yourself!

First of all, all programs and systems that promise to remove viruses, have a group that spends the entire day browsing the internet looking for malicious programs and thus filling the virus hash database.

This database contains an identification of each executable code and the anti-virus makes the comparison if there is a similar piece in the system, but if the virus has just appeared on the network, millions of people can be infected without knowing until the update of the anti- virus is up to date.

The best anti-virus in the world must be equipped with artificial intelligence, that is, there is still nothing of the kind after all, software is built for the purpose of some activity to be performed, and in the case of viruses, the system could not know if the user whether the system does that or not.

To have a fast computer, oddly enough: Remove your anti-virus. You will notice a gain of up to 70% in your computer's performance and you will have even more memory available, but this should be done with caution.

Viruses can enter your computer more easily, so follow the steps below:

1. Use only original software and require the seal of authenticity.
2. Don't open suspicious links in emails even if they are from trusted people.
3. Avoid using pen-drivers and if you do, try to use only Windows Explorer, when browsing folders to access the directories on a pen-drive. Avoid double-clicking on suspicious icons as they may be programs disguised as harmless items, like even other folders.
4. Try to download new software only from the manufacturer's website. Avoid sites that offer numerous programs to download, as they are very flashy and attractive, but not always does a program do what it promises, always leaving dirt in the windows registry, and even there may be malicious code hidden without even anti-virus software of these sites detect. (They only check the software on the websites with anti-virus).
5. If you miss any software, do not look on the internet to download and have it working, look for alternatives online, such as:

1. Download video from youtube: - Download any video from youtube without relying on the user to download any program.
2. Get audio from a youtube clip: - Converts the video to audio automatically in the client's browser.
3. Edit spreadsheets, slide shows, resumes: - Google Docs is compatible with the most diverse types of documents and allows in addition to editing, real-time sharing with your friends (letter by letter of what is typed).
4. Create a video clip: - Youtube currently has a video editor for the videos that have been uploaded. Try it!
5. Photo editing: - If you upload photos to Google +, there are built-in image editing options.

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