Google buys Motorola

Google buys the company Motorola, acquisition of the mega company has already been allowed by government agencies to avoid monopolization in both the US and Europe.

So far, Google has developed the Android system based on a Linux kernel, being open source for any manufacturer to use on their mobile devices.

With this, Google quickly gained market share with most manufacturers launching versions of the phones with the system ready to be used, such as several specialized Samsung versions.

The case of Motorola is a surprise, after all Google has always been a software company, and can the giant manage to deal with a company that always took the hardware in the first place?

Besides, how much will be the advantages of having a cell phone from "Google" compared to other manufacturers, since supposedly the open-source system (open source) should not be closed and doomed to a single platform?

Well, we hope that Google will be able to deal with and make the new Motorola branded phones (or Google) better and specific to the current activities of the operating system, always winning the user who uses it.

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