Core 2 Duo model faster than a Core i5 (650)

It sounds like a joke, but Intel has been doing more marketing strategy with the new processors than really effective and fast processors. It may even be that one or the other application takes advantage of some new technological resource that Intel created, but in its overall performance in terms of system startup, system performance in general, amount of memory access errors, among others, some older versions still manage to be more "robust" than current processors.

For those who do not know, Intel processors currently have some advantages, such as memory and video access controller integrated on the same processor chip. This helps the motherboard chipset to have only the essential features for using the system, and advantages for manufacturers, who can make a motherboard simpler and cheaper for new processors.

The memory standard has changed, to the DDR3 standard, and these processors are incompatible with DDR2 standards unless you have a separate memory controller on the motherboard for some DDR2 module (as there are cards that support DDR2 and DDR3, however when using, only DDR2 or DDR3 is used, as in the old cards that supported DDR and DDR2 a certain time.

On the intel website, we can see an important feature that really shows, in a physical way, how these processors can really "work". The information on the number of transistors is very important, after all, the more there are transistors, the more "power" of processing the processor has. And in practice, it works.

So, see the processor comparison table, with some Core 2 Duo already out of line, that is, Intel with its marketing power, stopped producing processors from the previous line, so as not to hinder sales of new processors, however you can quickly find these processors on used component sites, such as Mercado Livre, and they are much cheaper than the modern and popular processors that are in the focus of marketing.


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    1. Está no site da Intel, você pode buscar o processador que quiser no ark da Intel.