Ubuntu? Yes, it's Linux!

A system derived from Debian, whose properties of being as easy and intuitive as possible to the end user; wait there: Do you understand anything? Let's review some things, do you know what Debian is?

This is a Linux distribution, let's say that, in a simple way, an operating system, like Windows, but as it is based on the core of Linus Torvalds, carries the Linux system name.

Ubuntu is nothing less than a modification of Debian, to be as friendly as possible, having several programs, resources for users who are now migrating to Linux, such as the Ubuntu Application Center. In Debian, the way to install an application is a bit complicated, through the command line, you can purchase a package using the command "apt-get". In Ubuntu, it is possible to do the same thing as in Debian, including the complete packages for Debian, work in Ubuntu, with the simple advantage: Ubuntu has an installation manager, that is, for those who are a beginner, no will depend on using the command line, as in Debian and others, such as Slackware, where even the graphical interface must be loaded by the command line (yes, it starts and the cursor is flashing, waiting for the command, as it was at the time of Windows 3.11, where you needed to type "win" to enter windows), in this case, you type the graphical environment manager, usually the x11 server, by typing "startx", but there are other graphical interface managers, each with their own peculiarities.

Another great advantage of Ubuntu is that you can, instead of downloading it from the website, order an original official CD at no cost! The CD takes a while to arrive, but it arrives! And depending on the case, you can order an entire batch of CDs, through the batch option, specifying the reason for the order in detail. A single CD is sent automatically, but the batch option is evaluated by a team, as they do not ship in case people want to resell the product, as it is free. I myself ordered the latest version, at 10.10 (currently), one for me and one for my friend, using the batch option, and I received the two CDs at my address, I made the request in November 2011, I received this week ( January 2012).

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