People Management departments cause revolt in IT professionals

In IT, we have seen many people management professionals, who are in a selection process looking for IT professionals, without the minimum knowledge of the area and professions, which is perhaps the worst thing.

The positions in the area of ​​information technology are very different from each other, and are divided by technical levels, system administrators, software engineers, marketing, multimedia, internet, computer graphics, in short, there are many themes after all, current computing is of general purpose , and many professionals in these sectors, still believe that a professional is one who "knows everything" or "knows nothing".

The IT area is so big, that it is practically impossible to have someone who dominates all areas, of course, a person can have reasonable knowledge of everything a little, as is my case, I am not an expert in one thing, after all In this current market, I really believe that understanding a little of everything is more valuable, because then the company will be able to mold me a specialist in whatever I want, that is, I am flexible to changes, and I have many colleagues who are like me, but companies struggle to understand our profile and know that we are the most precious stones for their success. Okay, they don't want to hire me, in a little while I'll be a competitor for them, and oh if I'm not going to beat them!

What the company needs is professionals who have the incentive to win, conquer and never stand still, and our current generation, called the generation that always advances by the oldest, has caused many people like us not to be understood by professionals human resources. The bureaucracy for finding an exclusive profile, which is the requirement of the directors is so large and closed, that they cannot see that there are professionals who do not yet have a fixed profile, as for example, I understand Active Directory, which is the way of working in a network in a group of users, a user account can be accessed by any computer on the network, and their profile goes through the network, be it any computer, making the user's mobility between computers flexible, better customization and maintenance, after all everything about it of the user, is on the server where Active Directory is hosted. But I have sites on the internet, I know of html, css, php, asp, python, etc., what I want I can do, but I never had experience working in a company in this segment, but I would like to. Besides, I really like hardware, I even fix my home computer, in fact, there are 2, mine and my mother's, all assembled by myself, with enviable configurations.

There was a case of a colleague of mine who went through 15 job interviews and in none of them, I am already reaching this mark, I am not even going to be social anymore in the interviews, there are so many that I even ask to leave earlier than the others candidates, after all, if I miss my job because of an interview, then I don't work anymore, nor will I earn anything, missing every day from interviews that barely know how to check the professional's profile. Just out of anger, the last interviews, I didn't even attend, or the people management strategy changes, or I prefer to be autonomous, which I earn much more than being trapped and confined in a company.

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