Microsoft creates feature to try to avoid spam in Hotmail

correio_hotmailMicrosoft tries to create yet another new feature to prevent spam on the network, ineffective and without success, we were able to easily send a phishing without being detected by the new system.

This afternoon, in all hotmail accounts, at least in the English version, a new system that Microsoft called Microsoft SmartScreen technology was improved and installed.image
The online messenger also changed, now your list of online contacts appears on the left, imitating Gmail (right?)


Recalling the squid's phishing e-mail, we recreated and resent it to see if the e-mail reached its destination, with this new protection, and to our surprise, the e-mail was not rejected, receiving normally like any other spam. It is Microsoft, I think it is better to stop deceiving users with new interfaces and inefficient “beautiful” systems. See the phishing email below that went through the Microsoft system, or maybe "Bad$oft"?


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