UHD - Ultra High Definition

UHD - Ultra High Definition, called ultra high definition, are cameras composed of a new and notorious technology used by RED video recording studios for a long time.
As soon as we get used to watching videos in 1080p and for the studios, this is mere drivel, who makes films, has to think of something much superior, because it is necessary to edit, model, and adjust images to create realistic scenarios with effects never imagined. It looks like a few years from now, the 4Kp image will be a thing of the past.

Today, we barely see a 1080p camcorder, and there are already cameras, like the one above, with a resolution of up to 4520x2540 pixels, that is, practically 4 times the size of the current 1920x1080 that we see in Blu-Ray movies and soon on Youtube Full HD. Due to CODEC H.264, videos that, without compression, could occupy almost 1.4 Gb / s, do not reach 2 Mbps with 1080p quality without any distortion. So is the format of the videos on Blu-Ray discs and HD videos on Youtube.

So far, it is not official to launch the 1080p version of Youtube Full HD, currently, the largest videos are in 720p (1280x720p), but on the official YouTube blog, they are already converting and uploading videos in 1080p (1920x1080). If Youtube HD for some people is already slow, imagine the new version, how much bandwidth it will require the user to watch without major annoying crashes, in contrast, the unique quality of the images.


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