Cloud Computing

Through the internet, we see many pages of developers, developing systems for the user to stop using applications that are installed on his own computer, creating a virtual environment where it supports editing files, spreadsheets such as Excel, database, and also as an example, access to MSN. Sun Microsystems is one of the companies that is supporting companies for the success of this type of technology that is currently called cloud computing.

With the effects of the economic crisis, computer developers have developed systems such as NetBooks, where it offers excellent performance for internet access. However, it is limited to run other programs, greatly degrading capacity and speed, due to its small amount of RAM and processor speed.

With this, computing through the cloud, will bring the possibility of the most critical processes of the software, not being made on the client's machine, but by the servers, which are extremely faster and more powerful, leaving the user to be able to produce more, even if you're using an extremely simple computer.

The website has successfully carried out a project that started around 2004, a complete operating system based on the Internet Explorer browser. At the time, it was the most used browser, so they caused their system to be locked only for the microsoft browser. Through it, users can access MSN, POP-3 e-mails, meet new friends online, enter chat rooms for people close by, text editor, images, spreadsheets, all online, dispensing with any other app.

There is another site, which they did even further, instead of leaving some resources in the browser, the site did what no one did, free VPS. It is a kind of a virtual private server, however public through user account restriction, for any type of person to use the Fedora system, through a VNC connection, which is a form of connection that sacrifices a lot of narrowband internet users. , due to the transmission of bitmap images between the server and the client. All resources, programs, and files are on the server, and the client's processor is not used, except that the remote access program itself can control the incoming images and the actions that go.

The website is a website that also makes this type of system, but based on Flash, and supported by Sun Microsystems. It also offers 5 Gb of free disk space to be used at will.

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