Mercado Livre raises ad rates again, starting July 2

Mercado Livre, a free e-commerce site, where any individual can advertise products, in addition to retailers, increases the prices of ads to sellers again, and everyone will pay more for it, as the prices of the highest ads are reflected increasing product prices.

As of the 2nd of July, all products advertised with values below R $ 120.00, will have an increase of R $ 5, different from the percentage practice previously applied.

With this, adapters, connectors, and elements that cost cheaper than this, which generally cost R $ 3 or R $ 4, will be R $ 5 reais more expensive, that is, R $ 8 and R $ 9.

We see that, despite the great progress that the site has made over the years, starting with the famous reputation system, right after the integration with the post office, Mercado Pago, and the paradigm shift in Internet product sales, the site now has the obvious mission to make money and profit from sales.

However, an 11% sales tax is already considered a tax absurd, and with the addition, low-value products will be obligatorily removed from the "free" virtual store, which went out of its initial purpose of being a truly free market and open for negotiations.

Meanwhile, the competitor OLX, is still a weak competitor, without reputation options, without a means of payment for products, and without integration with the post office, it is not a threat to the Free Market business.

The ads are free, and are more geared to being classified elements, than really an e-commerce of products.

Unlike Mercado Livre, where the buyer can only get in touch after buying, at OLX there is even a chat to talk to the seller, when and how he wants, without any commitment to buy or not.

It is quite common to find products on OLX from sellers who say they make free advertising on Mercado Livre so that the person can trust the online purchase.

OLX also does not adopt the percentage policy, and charges a fixed amount for the ad.

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