Algorithm that visualizes imagined images of your head

Have you ever thought you could imagine something and be able to record it or even publish it on a social network? Fantastic isn't it? This is soon to become something common and usual.

A team of scientists from a Columbia college research institute, using Nvidia video cards and deep learning resources, achieved the impossible to read seen or imaged images from the head to the digital world, even though they are still a species today of "draft".

A few years ago, they managed to "hook" a virtual member into a monkey to control a game, and there was nothing more about it after a long time until then, with the surprise that they achieve the most difficult thing: getting the images we see or we imagine from our head.

With billions of transistors on the latest video cards, and with the reading of an area of ​​the head that has image processing activity, analog signals are quickly analyzed and decoded so that an image can be built.

The experimenter either needs to see or just imagine what he wants so that it can be analyzed as follows:

Algorithm for the reconstruction of brain images.

Below, in the first line the photos, and in the subsequent lines, the variation of the images obtained by the brain reading:

Check out a youtube video about the team experiment:

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