The merger of enemies of the decade: Intel and AMD together!

The merger between AMD and Intel may seem like a comedy, but it is real when it comes to a fight between Intel and NVidia, where Intel decided to join AMD to include AMD Radeon graphics cards in their new segment processors of mobile devices and notebooks.

"The enemy of my enemy, he is my friend", and this is how Intel arranged the meeting for the merger of a project, where they will embark video card technology in their new eighth generation processors.

Currently, notebooks need to have space for GDDR5, GPU memories, separate from the CPU, and the idea is to consolidate this into just a single chip, leaving space for motherboard manufacturers to invest the space to increase the battery or to add new features.

With this, the performance increase also gains, since the processor starts to communicate directly with the chips, and the GDDR5 memory is replaced by HBM, which has a much higher density and is faster than conventional memories. Some graphics cards from AMD already work with this type of memory.

With this, notebooks with greater mobility and greater processing and use for games, increased virtuality, video editing, are now considered.

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