The end of Nokia - The bad union with Microsoft

It was a time that Nokia was a pioneer in the cell phone segment with its Symbian operating system, but it was not with the same luck that it made the market in the following years.

Nokia started using Windows Phone only in its new and newer mobile devices a few years ago, but this is about to be broken, if not already, with a loss of almost R $ 7 billion of reais.

Nokia reported that it had a loss of R $ 6.66 billion, since it started using cell phones with the Microsoft operating system.

The ruin started because of course, no one likes to have a mobile phone lacking the most talked about apps, and there was no way for Microsoft to attract users to its platform, despite the app store and every effort to win over users.

It is taken into account, that many of the most common applications for Android, do not exist for Windows Phone, or are too simple (when they exist).

For a cheap cell phone, (in the house of up to R $ 400) it is worth the price if you compare it with an Android 2.3.7 for example, where the Microsoft platform has more applications available, but, even so, they leave something to be desired.

Our team tested Windows Phone, and the number of apps that don't work is extreme, it was that Windows itself (version 8.1) failed at different times to run applications, and we had to do a factory reset to solve communication problems with the internet, where neither 3G nor Wi-Fi did the cell phone work.

We used a modest cell phone for almost 3 months, and at first it exceeded our expectations, having more traditional apps like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, TuneIn, Waze, WeChat, Line, and even Nubank (with serious locking problems) ).

We miss Snapchat, and voice connection or video calling features (not available in Messenger and Whatsapp for the platform).

It is also not possible to disable animations or change the IP address of the Wi-Fi network to which it is connected, just as it exists on Android.

What excites us, is that the phone was cheap for what it provides, and the use of hardware was very customized, but it made us angry for example when using apps like Uber, where in Uber Pool, there are no options to change the number of seats, and on Nubank, that there are not some options that exist on Android, outside that you have to try to open it for almost 4 or 5 times to stay inside the app without going back to the main screen.

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