Fraud Analysis in Organizations

The risk is certain: if you don't think about doing something to stop or prevent fraud actions in your company, you run a great risk that fraud is caused.

No fraudster wants to be caught doing a big fraud, but it can always happen that several individuals make small frauds in order not to be seen, and this can end up consuming the company's resources, leading to bankruptcy.

Taking risks and making sure that these risks are in a safe margin for your company, is knowing how to understand what you can control at risk and without having much damage with extensive monitoring that exceeds the organization's profits.

But the main resource that we realize that can be used to prevent fraud actions, is to have devices and rules that contain penalties for these actions in the company.

It is common to find actions such as preventive monitoring, analysis and audit of developed software, to prevent fraud actions, but the profile of the fraudster will always look for new opportunities for fraud whenever they are available.

A fraudster can be motivated by several factors, such as feelings of injustice, or even friendships.

We must know and / or find ways through the Information Security area so that it is far from our organization, and that there are no losses resulting from fraud.

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