How to make a bootable flash drive?

In this tutorial we will explain the details on how to make a pen drive (or flash media drive)
bootable so that you can install Windows 7 or Windows 8 through it (by the way, much better than through the slow CD-ROM).

The great advantage of the pen-drive is that the CD-ROM is limited to a few 7 MB / s (1x = 150KB / s in which 52x = 7800 KB / s or 7.61 MB / s), while some pen-drives bad ones reach double that for reading, and the best ones can reach an absurd 250 MB / s of reading (Check out Sandisk Extreme).


- Windows 7 or 8 or Installation CD. Use "Recover this computer" to enter the command prompt.

1. Have the Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation content in a local folder on your computer (accessible for copying).
2. Log in to CMD (or Command Prompt) as an administrator and type: DISKPART
3. Inside the diskpark, type LIST DISK.
4. Select the flash drive using SELECT DISK X (where X is the number of your device listed).
5. Type CLEAN. This will erase all partitions on your flash drive, as well as all data.
7. Then type: FORMAT FS = FAT32 QUICK
8. Type: ACTIVE, to install the MBR system on the pen-drive, and make the partition active for boot.
9. Type EXIT to exit DISKPART.
10. Copy all Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation data to the flash drive and your bootable flash drive is ready. (In case of using Recover this computer, you can open the notepad and click open, and then in the search field, type "*. *" (Asterisk dot asterisk) so that all files are listed. You can access the source files, copy and paste on the flash drive, but note that in recovery mode, there is no progress bar, and the operation may take a few minutes to complete. Wait for your flash drive to finish before remove from the computer.

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