Computer, the pen of the future. Or is it an iPad 3?

In the past, people used their pens to make any notation of some information so much that they could forget. They always had a paper nearby to write something down, and some even carry a pen in their shirt pocket. But things have changed, at least, for me, and I believe that in the future, this will also be subject to the entire population as well, a more digital life.

List with 10 items for you to know if you are included in the digital age:

1. When you write down a phone number, do you use a pen and paper or do you write it on your cell phone or perhaps on your iPad?
2. Take a picture of the person to include in the contact list of the cell phone so as not to forget who he is?
3. You are talking on the phone and you are in front of the computer. Do you prefer to open a notes application or leave a note on your computer's desktop, or do you prefer to leave a reminder on paper taped to the monitor?
4. When listening to music, do you prefer an FM radio or an MP3? Okay, maybe you don't have time to find an MP3 to listen to (like me), but do you at least use the FM radio from a cell phone or an FM radio? (I listen to the radio on my cell phone, but I leave each number on the keypad for a radio).
5. Do you prefer to watch a movie on television where you have a set time to watch, or do you prefer to go straight to the movie you want to watch on the internet or rent a DVD or Blu-Ray to watch on your notebook?
6. Are you stuck with TV shows? (I quit my TV a while ago! I prefer to watch programs on YouTube, and oddly enough, I think it is much better than on TV. In addition to the pause and playlist option, I avoid those boring commercials that force us to watch them) .
7. Did you take a notebook from a colleague of yours with a system totally different from your usual one, such as Linux or Mac, or if you are a Mac user, a PC, etc., do you look at it or return it saying you don't know how to use it? (I stare, and get the functionality fast).
8. You need to pass someone a business card. Do you prefer to hand out a card that has been printed on paper, or send someone a vCard via Bluetooth?
9. Do you use the computer only for social networking or general purpose?
10. Would you exchange a video game for a computer? (If you don't have a computer).

Well, if most of these questions you answered yes, then welcome to the digital life. Now if you use your pen a lot, it’s good to think better since you may need to learn these things in the future quickly, and maybe there’s no time for that, so it’s time to specialize!

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