Klikot, social network that pays for you to use

Klikot is a social media network like Orkut, Facebook, Sonico, among others, but the main attraction of it is being the division of advertising with its own users.

On Orkut, Facebook, all the value of advertising campaigns are profits involved in the company itself, and nothing is shared with users, who are the ones who really make the community exist.

At Klikot, as an international site, they use US dollars for their values, and you need to have a paypal account in order to receive the prizes. The ones who win the most prizes are always at the top of the list of the biggest prizes, and you can become friends with these people and ask how it happened, and they all say that this is true, but you have to know a little about how it works. Paypal, since it is the only source from which they can deliver the prizes (in cash).

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