A virtualization system, that is to say in the name, which means a virtual thing, that is, that does not exist physically. This is what is happening in the world, many companies due to the crisis, have bet on this new feature, due to the possible unification of 10 machines or more in just 1 or 2 physical machines, that is to say, that you can run windows, linux, printing systems, applications, among others, on several machines that think they are in only one, but it is in reality, being virtualized.

The virtualization layer, available on most current processors, allows you to use real resources to be emulated inside another machine, inside your machine, inside your operating system, or a specific operating system for virtualization.

I use Microsoft's solution a lot, where it is possible to combine several machines into a single one, Virtual Server 2005, has an interface for configuring viral machines through a browser, and the control of virtual machines is done through a protocol similar to VNC , called VMRC, where it offers better features of direct interaction with the virtual machine, offering greater speed in the transaction and access to the console.

Although controlling the virtual machine over the internet is difficult, it is possible for you to use features such as RDP or external ones such as the website, which offers a facility to install an application that connects through multiple ports, until you gain access to the servers of the logmein, where, by entering your username and password, you already have access to your virtual machines or physical machines in console mode.

There are also other very excellent virtualization systems, such as VMWare, Plesk Virtuozzo, Virtual Server, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, Sun xVM VirtualBox (OpenSource), VirtualPC, etc.
VirtualPC offers features similar to Virtual Server, however, it has the dependence of keeping it open on your computer, such as Sun's VirtualBox, where if you close the window, it asks you to shut down the computer.

In the others, the common thing is to close the window, it keeps running secretly only inside the processor and memory, without being visible to the operating system apparently, despite using resources and memory together with the operating system.

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