End of Nashorn, the JavaScript engine in the new version of Java 15

On September 15, 2020, the new version of Java 15 was launched, and it brought with it several changes, such as the removal of the JavaScript execution engine on the side of the Java virtual machine, that is, the Nashorn engine no longer exists in the new version.

The JavaScript engine for Java (Nashorn) allowed part of the application to be run on the server side using JavaScript code, which could also be run in the browser. This brought advantages to large corporate applications in creating small services in an agile way.

That is, you could create a certain JavaScript content and have it run in a manner interpreted by the Java virtual machine (JVM).

The engine was considered obsolete since JDK 11 and marked for removal in new versions, and the reason for the removal was due to the fact that the version deployed was based entirely on the ECMAScript-262 5.1 version, but with the advancement of ECMAScript, the development failed to maintain compatibility, becoming a challenge to keep the project active.

Since JDK 11, June 2018, there has been no clear desire by developers to keep the technology present in Java until JDK 14.

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