The first professional Blockchain-based network

The internet is increasingly full of curiosities, and since the invention of Bitcoin, many things have started to emerge in order to distribute and decentralize information not only financial, but now, professional network "Linkedin" style where you will have your information safe and validated by a network of users.

Company responsible for the network has already invested more than 12 million dollars, coming from investors who support the idea.

On the website, the user makes the professional registration, as a resume, with information that must be published for all people, and be safe for all users on the network, always available so that it can be accessed by anyone.

Unlike a social network like Facebook, a professional network is officially open for everyone to see data and details, technologies and experiences.

It is clearly aimed at professionals in the IT area, due to the knowledge area, which suggests many programming languages.

The interface is friendly, and the more contacts your professional network has, the more tokens you will earn.

Their focus is to remove the centralization of large companies and have an open, uncontrolled platform as they do with current companies.

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