Credicard Zero - The competitor of Nubank?

Nubank is a card that comes with the promise to end the annuity, and soon after, with a strategy of only being able to have someone indicated, it joined customers fiercely.

Then, we have the Digio card, which tried to take a slice of the market, releasing the contract even without indication.

Soon after, Nubank also released, but nominations were given priority in the queue, and the queue was greater than 70,000 customers.

As soon as Nubank started to grow, banks tried to pass a law that passed payments to stores, should happen in a few days, and that would break Nubank, which is a fintech, and not a bank, and would not be able to pay the stores in the short term, with most customers paying the invoice only after 25 to 30 days.

As they were unable to pass this law, Nubank started receiving more investments, and there are reports that greatly increased the limit for several people, but now Itaú came with Credicard Zero, but as we are suspicious, look what we found right on the day it started disclosure:

In Google search, the ad created by the AdWords institution itself, clearly says: "Zero Annuity in the 1st Year", that is, it is another trick to win customers, but the fine print here is very clear, just do not see who does not want to see.

Obviously, other inserts, publications, do not show this information, showing only that it is exempt, but, exempt only for 1 year, it does not mean that it is exempt or "Zero" as the advertisement advertises.

We recommend that everyone does not purchase the card, at least not in this first year, until the first Credicard Zero tariff complaints appear, or not.

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