We will no longer be using mobile apps anytime soon

You wake up in the morning, look at your phone, and have zillions of apps installed, and with each new ad on TV, website, blog, YouTube video, more on more apps for you to download, to do this and what you are looking for neither remembers your name and your real function.

In addition to all this, your cell phone is getting slower and slower, full of background processes, requiring you to also have a better cell phone with greater processing capacity day after day, in a world full of advertisements and / or paid applications.

As much as they are useful, in fact, in the future, we will be saturated with so many applications that no one else will gain from this, neither the developers nor the user; so all of this has to change.

For years we have used computers with numerous applications and we have found that many of the applications make our own machines more vulnerable, slow, zombies, etc., and nothing that an anti-virus solves, on the contrary, can even make the situation worse; nothing that clean formatting solves a lot.

On the cell phone this can solve a little, but as you use and install again everything you need and what you don't even need, how many times do you use something that even forgets his name among the many installed? Has this ever happened? Congratulations, you are one of those who will be part of the new mobile digital revolution.

Many of the applications that previously existed on the computer, have ceased to exist. Some because they were too complicated, or too silly. On the one hand, users who do not understand how to deal with any of this, and others who have become professional in tools such as After Effects, currently the leader in digital media development for TV in Motion Graphics, or 3D Studio Max, strong in 3D development.

Many of the things we do only on the computer, and others only on the cell phone. I believe that the future of the cell phone is to be a personal manager of our needs, and the computer, still, for some time, its place of work and production, until it is also replaced by a content manager.

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