Mobile-gedom (armageddon of mobile computing)

What do you think of Google removing sites that are not compatible with mobile devices from your search?

Google is promoting sites that are "mobile friendly", that is, responsive sites, with large font size, easy to click, offering relevance in the search, and removing sites that are not adapted to the cell phone.

This includes thousands of companies that do not yet have responsive sites, as many of them have not yet adapted the layouts and this means a large part of the internet, probably in the millions of business sites that will no longer be available to mobile internet users.
This changes the Internet paradigm for such an apocalyptic signal as the Business Insider site comments (in the link below), or also as a "mobile-geddon", or we can call it mobile-gedom (reference to Armageddon).

On the one hand, this has its ideal reasons: to force the Internet to adapt to the new standards of CSS3 and HTML5 and at the same time to force users to have updated browsers, as responsive sites do not work correctly in versions of Internet Explorer 9 or lower (mainly Internet Explorer 8, which doesn't understand the "media query" feature in CSS).

How to prevent your site from disappearing from Google search?

If you know a little bit of HTML, just update yourself with the new templates for responsive layouts or use ready-made frameworks like Bootstrap, or look for a qualified professional for this function.

Another option is to use ready-made layouts for websites using website tools, or you can take a risk using Google Chrome and using the developer function.

Keep in mind that you will need:
- Have a layout that is compatible with any screen, that is, responsive, one that is not stuck by a certain number of pixels.
- The layout has to support high definition screens, that is, FULL HD screens on cell phones, they need to be sized correctly, the font size needs to be adjusted.
- Links have to be easy to click, usually with a larger paragraph or large buttons, to facilitate the touch.
- Text in legible size. There is no point in having a responsive website, large link buttons and the text not being easy for the user to read.

* = Remembering that we don't copy content, we just base it and / or at most translate it, but we also include our opinion and our work, ok? See you.

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